Social Media Guidelines

We want to advise all visitors to our online presences of the guidelines we utilize when moderating activities on Bank-run groups and/or pages:


Comments and conversations are accepted and encouraged!

We want to hear from our customers and neighbors. Discussion boards and pages will be monitored on a daily basis by customers of the Bank’s staff who will, when appropriate, contribute to the conversation.

Please watch your language.

While we strive for everyone to think only the best of our institution, we understand that some visitors may wish to use the space for complaints or other issues. We ask that you refrain from using profane or off-color language; and that you keep the comments constructive in nature. Comments containing unsavory language, or which are considered inflammatory or off-topic, will be removed immediately.

Protect yourself.

When posting information or questions, or sending a message to Bank staff, NEVER include private information (e.g. your account number, Social Security number, etc). Time-sensitive requests, such as lost debit card requests, will not be accepted through our Facebook Page. Comments containing non-public personal information about any customer will be removed immediately.

Protect our employees.

Whether you have a complaint or compliment, to protect their privacy we request you refrain from using staff customer names in your comments. Comments containing employee names or other identifying information will be removed.

If you want to send a compliment, complaint or comment about a specific employee, please use our contact form.

Don’t be surprised if you hear from us!

Our staff will be monitoring our social networking pages during regular business hours. When appropriate, we will either respond to your question, issue or comment publicly, or we will contact you directly through the network’s mail system.

HOWEVER, we will never ask you to verify your personal or account information via email, text message or telephone call. Do not provide any personal information (including, but not limited to, date of birth, credit or debit card number, PIN, card expiration date, or other card related information, Social Security number or driver’s license number) to anyone unless you have initiated the contact with the Bank representative (meaning, you called our main number – (508) 668-1080 – and asked for the staff member by name).

Welcome to Walpole!

For more information about our products or services, please visit our office, use our information request form or give us a call at (508) 668-1080. 


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